Smartphone to park your car

Parking your car manually mah soon be part of the past. Let’s make room for V-Charge, an automatic way of parking your car.

V-Charge is a project, supported by the EU, to make it possible to park your car using nothing else than your smartphone.

V-Charge would be a solution to the endless timewaste of looking for a spot to park you car. It would not be the first time that someone arrives at the trainstation with the car, not being able to find a parking spot, when the train is about to leave in a few minutes.

This system is being developed by an international team of researchers. Their aim is to automatisize parking your car.
This new technology is being developed mainly for electric cars. Not too many people drive an electric car yet, but this is subject to change in the future. The researchers are hoping hoping to have this technology ready when this change occurs.
By the way, did I mention that the system already passed some tests succesfully.

How it works
The driver leaves his car at the entrance. He goes to the app on this smartphone en starts the parkingproces. The car connects to the servers of that place, which guides the car to his spot. The car can then automatically be recharged. When the driver needs his car back, he uses the app to request his car to be sent back to the entrance, recharged.

They have developed their own navigation system based on camera’s because gps-satellites have a hard time when the car is in an underground parking. This technology is meant to be extended to even give automatic parking a place in the city.

The EU has invested roughly 6 million euros in this project because they think we should set our minds to the future.

I share their mind on this. What do you (readers) think of this? Would you support this? Or would you rather say that this is unnecessary? Tell me what you think in the comments, and let’s get a healthy discussion going.


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