Russia decreases freedom for bloggers

Russia adopted a new law this friday that further decreases internetfreedom.

One part of the law says that bloggers who reach more than 3000 daily readers, have to be registered.

The russian parliament accepted the new law, proposed by Vladimir Poetin, earlier this year. The law claims that bloggers who have a lot of reader fall under the same rules like big newsmedia, like newspapers. This mezns that they have to get registered. Another thing is, these bloggers cannot operate anonymously anymore. They are also responsible for everything they write.

Not following these rules may result in a fine of a maximum of 100.000 euros and the closure of the blog.

Other parts of the new law say that sites that allow posting content should keep information on who posted something. Poetin also demands that this information is stored on Russian territory. This should ensure that authorities have access to this information.

Poetin also wants to undo the Tor-network and insight in the Apple source code.


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