Rumor: Google wants a separate photos service.

Google would reportedly planning to separate his photo service from the social network Google+. Google would be doing this to attract more new users.

The plans have not been confirmed by Google, but Bloomberg suggests about resources that have to have information about the photo service of Google+. The separate photos service would also not need users to be a member of the social network to upload pictures. Despite plans for removing the photo service, it would still remain a part of the social network. Google itself wouldn’t confirm nor deny the rumors. However, the company had already shared that every week 1.5 billion photos are uploaded to Google+.

Google would like to attract more users, by giving the photo service autonomy. The social network Google+ enjoys little popularity, thus disconnecting photo service possible yields new users. Google Picasa, however, is already a photo service developed by Google. It is unclear whether any new service will be integrated with this already existing service. There are also no details about what the new photo service will look like, but Bloomberg suggests that Google is considering a new brand name.


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