Flappy Bird is back! With multiplayer!

The developer of Flappy Bird has released a new version of the game and added a multiplayer mode.

Flappy Bird is the addicting game in which you have to avoid obstacles by tapping the screen. The new version is at this moment only available in the Amazon AppStore.

Dong Nguyen released the new version of the game friday through the Amazon AppStore for android. The game also runs on Fire TV and is packed with new obstacles such as: ghosts. You can’t download the game in the Apple AppStore or Google Play. It’s not sure if this will change in the future.

The new version is called Flappy Birds Family. It can be played on the Fire TV using the remote. The game also contains new featured such as multiplayer mode which makes it possible to play with two players at once. To play the game you’ll need Android 3.0.

The developer fulfilled his promise that he made in may, by releasing this new version. He pulled the game from Google play and Apple AppStore because he said that it was to addictive. He started to feel guilty because he was addicted to gaming in the past.

Flappy Birds Familu

Flappy Birds Familu


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