Does Apple make the iPhone run slower on purpose?

Does apple slow iPhone down or purpose or not? Here you can read what I think.

When you just bought your iPhone, the performance is unbelievable. The software just runs very smooth and fast without any problem. The iPhone runs a lot slower after a few years. You may think coincidence, every phone slows down after a few years. That’s true, but don’t make any conclusions without reading the next paragraphs.

There are people who pledge that Apple make the iPhone slows down on purpose to stimulate the sales of new devices. I love Apple products so my first reaction was “bulls**t”. I went looking for proof and this what I found.

Harvard PhD student

A Harvard PhD student went to look at google trends to check out how many times people search for help regarding the slow down of their iPhone.

Her conclusion was that indeed people tend to search a lot for “iPhone slow” at the same moment of the release of a new device. In other words, the search volume peaks when a new devices is being released. This made me think that maybe Apple indeed is doing this on purpose.

This is the graph regarding search term "Google Slow"

This is the graph on search term “Google Slow”

As you can see by looking at the graph, the search volume clearly peaks at certain moments. These moments happen to be at the same moment of Apple releasing a new device. The amount of searches doubles at these peak moment.

When looking at Google trends for “Samsung galaxy slow”. You can see a more graduate increase of search volume. So maybe Samsung is more honest?

This is the graph regarding search term "Samsung Galaxy Slow"

This is the graph on search term “Samsung Galaxy Slow”


This may be another cause. Apple tends to release a new OS when the release a new generation of iDevices. They tend to not optimize this new OS for the older devices which may cause some performance issue. Android is developed by Google who doesn’t produce their own phones. Because of this they optimize the OS for a very wide range of devices, instead of just the newer ones.

Apple’s reaction

It sure does like Apple is not trying his best to keep you bound to the older versions of the iPhone. In the paragraph below you’ll find out what Apple about this blame.

Apple references to articles with a lot of counter arguments. They also say that the iPhone just slows down because of the usage of the phone. But this is just the case for all the smartphones. Another argument is that Apple does not have any benefice of doing this. They say that doing this might just act against them by scaring their customers away in the hands of Android of Windows-based operating systems. Believe me I don’t think that’s what they want.


You can think of it what you want but my conclusion is that the slow down is caused by the IOS updates instead of being done on purpose by Apple. As said above I don’t think it would help Apple to get more sales, it would just scare customers away.

Anyways, I’m curious about what my readers think about this. Would Apple be capable of doing this or do you, just like me, think that they would be doing that because it would scare away their dear customers. I’m not asking about a Apple-Android war, I just want your honest opinion.


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