How to Install Android Apps on Your Mac or PC

Ever wished that you’d have access to an Android app on your computer. Take for example Flipboard, great app, but no support for Mac or PC. But there’s a way to get Android Apps running on your computer.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles on Flipboard lately and when reading I get ideas for writing about certain subject. When I get an idea to write about I often save the Article on Flipboard in my private “Read Later” magazine. This way I don’t have to worry that I won’t be able to find the Article back when I want.

When I get back to my laptop and I am about to start writing something about what I’ve read, I’m bugged by the fact that the article is only available on my smartphone. I know that I can send a link of the article to myself in a lot of ways but that’s just a devious task for me. Better would be if there was a PC or Mac version of the app, this way you would be able to easily synchronize your articles from your smartphone to your pc to read.

Unfortunately, there’s no such app. However I found a way to actually open certain android apps on my Mac.  For this I’m using an application that’s developed by BlueStacks. It’s available for Mac, PC and a given amount of TV’s. You can download it here: You will be looking for the download of an program that’s called “App Player”. Download the version for your computer.

When it’s done downloading just open it up and install the necessary things. Just wait until you see a screen like this:

BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player App Store

In my case I would look for flipboard and install it. Keep in mind that this “App Player” does not support all apps. But it’s always good to give it a shot to discover the capabilities of the program. Installation of the app is really straight-forward so I won’t be explaining it in detail.

I hope this small HowTo/Tutorial helped you out. And please tell me what you think of this program in the comment section below.


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