Google Glass: A hacking Tool?

The Google Glass is cool but it may also be used to gain access to our bank account

The world has been talking about the Google Glass for a long time. If you’re a person who has yet to pick in on the subject: The Google Glass is a next generation product in the serie of smartdevices such as smartphone and the smartwatch. To explain it very simple, it’s a piece of glasses with a sort of computer attached to it. It also features a camera.


The Google Glass

This piece of hardware looks beautifull. But there’s also a dark side to it.

Cyber forensics experts have developped software for the Google Glass which allows the wearer of the glasses to identify your passcodes when you enter them on your tablet or smartphone. The software reads and analyzes the shadows of your fingers when typing your passcodes.

You may think: what can they do with the passcode of my tablet or smartphone? Well some people use the same pin for everything they have, for example: their tablet passcode may be they same as their bank pin. See where I’m going.

Pro Tip: never use the same passcode for everything you have. Have a different code for everything.

Even if you’re applying what I said in the tip above, you’re still not entirely safe. They applied their software to security footage of a bank and they also managed to steal the bank pins. Even though the footage was filmed from about a distance of 140 feet.

The only fix for this hacking technique is randomly generating the position of the input keys for your passcode. This way they can’t identify the code by  looking at which place your finger hits the screen.


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